Instagram - loving it!

Lately I’ve been expanding my social media outreach to include Instagram, and since it is a photo-based platform, I’ve been loving it.  Please check out my Instagram feed @elisifphotography.

I found lots of people to follow and the more people I follow, the more follow me.  I've tried to find the Instagram accounts of companies in the building industry in the area, and follow them so they might notice me.

In learning more about Instagram and hashtags, I found out it is best to put the hashtags in a comment, rather in the description of the photo - so that way they are less in the way, but still searchable.  If you search for various hashtags, you can find out what other people are using, and use those same ones.  One recommendation was to put about 20 hashtags on each post.  You use general hashtags (#architecture, #photography), specific hashtags for your geographic location (#bostonarchitecture, etc.), and hashtags specific to the photo you are posting (#kitchen, #modernarchitecture).

Are you on Instagram?  What do you like/dislike about it?  Have you found interesting people to follow?