Hope Schreiber Photography - beautiful nature photography!

I have been using Squarespace for my own website and to create websites for two fellow photographers. I offer this as a service now, in a narrow case – for anyone who wants to use Squarespace to make a simple photography website.  Besides my own site, check out the two I helped with – www.aopp.photos and www.hopeschreiberphotography.com to see the beautiful work of these two Newton Camera Club members who are talented, artistic photographers.

Hope Schreiber takes amazing nature photographs. You may have caught her exhibit a few years ago of her ammonite photography at the Newton Free Library. She has been collecting ammonites to photograph for many years, pulling the most beautiful details and colors from these fossils. She has also traveled to Costa Rica and the Pantanal where she has photographed amazing wildlife. Her images are always so sharp that you almost feel you are right there. But most spectacular are her photographs of bats in Arizona - in flight!

Congratulations to Hope on her two photos selected for NANPA’s Top 100!!